Let’s explore the fascinating world of men’s summer beard trends in this article. It’s time to find new and fashionable options for facial hair that will enhance your summer appearance when the temperature increases and the sun shines brighter. We have options for everyone, whether you prefer a clean-shaven appearance or the rough charm of a well-groomed beard. 

We’ll highlight 14 fashionable beard trends for men that are ideal for the summer in this in-depth guide. So, gentlemen, get ready to update your look and project confidence with these summer beard trends that you simply must try.  

Common face shape of men

Here are the common face shapes of men and how to identify them.


  1. Determine the width of your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead.
  2. You most likely have a round face shape if your features have gentle, curving lines and are all roughly the same breadth.
  3. Search for a rounded, prominent chin.


  1. From the hairline to the chin, measure the length of your face. 
  2. You have a long face shape if it is noticeably longer than the breadth of your face.
  3. Look for a breadth that is smaller than the length.


  1. Calculate your face’s length. Your face is most likely oval-shaped if it is roughly 1.5 times longer than it is wide.
  2. Look for a slightly larger forehead than the jawline and a gently curved jawline. 


  1. Determine the breadth of your jawline, cheeks, and forehead. 
  2. You have a square facial shape if they are all roughly the same width and your jawline is strong and angular.
  3. Look for straight lines and an appearance that is squared off.


  1. Calculate the distance between the widths of your jawline and forehead. 
  2. You have a heart-shaped face if your forehead is broader and your chin is pointy.
  3. Keep an eye out for a broader forehead and a tapered, narrow chin.


  1. Measure the distance between your cheekbones and your forehead and jawline. 
  2. You have a diamond facial shape if your cheekbones are the largest section of your face and your forehead and jawline are thinner.
  3. Watch out for high, defined cheekbones. 


  1. Determine the distance between the dimensions of your forehead and jawline. 
  2. You have a triangle facial shape if your jawline is wider than your forehead.
  3. Look for a wider jawline and a narrower forehead. 

Summer Beard trends 

Round face

1. Stubble with Defined Jawline

Maintain a small, well-groomed moustache while keeping the jawline well-defined for a sharper appearance.

2. Extended Goatee

Grow an extended goatee to give your face more length and definition by extending it just past your chin.

Long face

3. Short Beard with Angular Lines

To add width and balance to the face, choose a short beard with angular lines that is well-trimmed.

4. Faded Beard

Try a fading beard style, where the length of the facial hair gradually shortens from the sideburns to the chin.

Oval-shaped face

5. Classic Full Beard

Adopt a full beard that complements the contour of your face while maintaining good grooming and tidy trimming.

6. Anchor Beard

Create an anchor-shaped beard by trimming a beard that reaches the jawline and combining it with a moustache, soul patch, and goatee.

Square face

7. Extended Goatee with Connected Mustache

Grow an extended goatee that connects to a neatly groomed moustache to draw attention to your square jawline.

8. 3-Day Stubble

Keep your beard short and well-kept to give your square facial shape a rustic charm.

Heart-shaped face

9. Chin Strap Beard

Grow a chin-length beard to offset the broader forehead by growing a narrower beard around the jawline and down to the chin.

10. Moustache and Soul Patch

To draw attention away from the pointed chin, concentrate on developing a strong, well-groomed moustache and a small soul patch. 

Diamond face

11. Tapered Beard

Grow a beard that is tapered, meaning it is shorter at the sides and gradually gets longer towards the chin to highlight the cheekbones. 

12. Extended Goatee with Soul Patch

To add definition, pair a modest soul patch with an extended goatee that runs along the jawline.

Triangle shape face

13. Full Beard with Rounded Edges 

Grow a thick beard with rounded edges to balance out your wider jawline and provide the appearance of a bigger forehead. 

14. Mutton Chops

Mutton chops in the style that widen the lower portion of the face by extending from the sideburns to the chin.

Bear in mind that while certain beard styles are designed to suit particular facial shapes, individual preferences and grooming practices should always be taken into account. Try different looks until you discover the one that looks best on you while maintaining and grooming your facial hair. 

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You have a wide range of choices to improve your appearance and keep contemporary throughout the warmer months with these 14 summer beard trends. There is a beard style that will look great on any face shape, including square, round, oval, and more. Every trend, from full beards to extended goatees, fading styles to stubble, adds a distinctive touch to your entire appearance. 

Explore these trendy beard options to show your individual style while embracing the season. They not only offer an upbeat and fashionable image. So go ahead and pick your favourite trend, take care to style it, and rock the summer with panache.