Your wedding day is a moment etched in memory forever. Every detail, from the dress to the vows, contributes to the magic of the occasion. And for the groom, looking your best goes beyond a well-tailored suit – the right hairstyle can elevate your entire look and complement your overall wedding aesthetic.

Whether you favour a classic and timeless style or a more modern and trendy cut, there’s a perfect groom hairstyle waiting to be discovered. This guide explores 13 inspiring options to help you find the ideal match for your big day.

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Classic & Timeless Styles for the Sophisticated – Groom hairstyle ideas

1. Short & Neat

This clean-cut option is a perennial favourite for grooms seeking a timeless and polished look. It exudes an air of sophistication and pairs beautifully with both formal and semi-formal wedding attire. Consider a classic crew cut, a buzz cut, or a side part with a short back and sides for a clean and crisp finish.

2. Slicked Back

Ooze sophistication with this sophisticated style. It’s perfect for grooms aiming for a formal and elegant look. Slicking your hair back with a high-quality gel or pomade creates a sharp and distinguished silhouette. This hairstyle complements classic tuxedos and suits with a sharp collar.

3. Pompadour

Inject a touch of vintage charm into your wedding look with the pompadour. This style adds a touch of personality while maintaining a polished aesthetic. Achieve the look by styling your hair with volume on top and swept back while keeping the sides faded or short.

Modern & Stylish Options for the Trendsetting Groom

4. Textured Crop

This modern take on the classic crew cut combines the clean-cut appeal with a touch of texture and volume. It’s ideal for grooms who want a contemporary and effortless look. Use a styling product to create definition and movement in your hair, adding a touch of personality.

5. Messy Fringe

Embrace a relaxed and carefree vibe with the messy fringe. This style is perfect for the modern groom who wants a no-fuss yet stylish look. Let your hair air dry and tousle it with your fingers for a textured and effortless finish. This hairstyle pairs well with a less formal wedding setting.

6. Undercut with Design

An undercut offers a way to add a touch of edge to your wedding hairstyle. This modern option involves fading the hair on the sides and back while keeping the hair on top longer. Pair a faded undercut with a clean style on top, or add a personalised design like a line or fade pattern for a truly unique touch.

Long & Flowing Styles for the Groom with Locks

7. Man Bun

This practical and stylish option is a great choice for grooms with long hair. It keeps your hair out of your face while adding a touch of sophistication. A neatly styled man bun with a clean shave or fade on the sides creates a polished look perfect for formal occasions.

8. Long Layers

Long hair can be wedding-worthy, too! Layers add movement and dimension to long hair, preventing it from looking weighed down. Style your hair loose and natural for a relaxed aesthetic, or add a touch of braid for a unique detail. This style is perfect for a bohemian or rustic wedding theme.

Beyond the Classics: Hairstyles for the Adventurous Groom

9. Faux Hawk

For grooms who want to make a bold statement, the faux hawk is an interesting option. This hairstyle involves spiking the hair up in the centre, creating a controlled peak with faded sides. While not for the faint of heart, it can be a great way to showcase your personality on your wedding day.

10. Quiff

Similar to the pompadour, the quiff offers a more modern and textured approach. Achieve this look by styling the hair upwards and forward on top, creating a slight wave or curl. The sides can be kept short and faded for a clean contrast. This versatile style works well with various wedding aesthetics.

11. Dreadlocks/Braids

For grooms with dreadlocks or braids, there are many ways to incorporate your unique style into your wedding look. Consider keeping them loose and natural, or add accents like beads or ribbons for a touch of formality. This is a great way to celebrate your heritage and individuality on your wedding day.

12. High and Tight

This military-inspired style features short hair on top with a very close fade or shave on the sides and back. It’s a clean and sharp option for grooms who prefer a low-maintenance look.

13. Natural Curls

Embrace your natural curls! This style requires minimal effort and showcases your unique texture. Use a curl-defining product to control frizz and enhance your natural curl pattern. This option works well for a beach wedding or a more casual ceremony.

Choosing the Right Hairstyle

Ultimately, the best groom hairstyle is the one that makes you feel confident and reflects your personal style. Here are some additional tips to consider when making your decision:

Face Shape

Certain hairstyles can complement your face shape better than others. For example, a round face might benefit from a style with more height and volume on top, while a longer face might look better with a hairstyle that adds width to the sides.

Wedding Theme

Consider the overall theme of your wedding. A formal wedding might call for a more classic hairstyle like a slicked back or short and neat option, while a more casual wedding might allow for a more relaxed style like a messy fringe or long layers.

Hair Type and Texture

Choose a hairstyle that complements your natural hair type and texture. If you have thin hair, avoid styles that require a lot of volume. If you have thick hair, consider a style that can be thinned out with layers or texturising products.


Your wedding day is a long day. Make sure you choose a hairstyle that you feel comfortable with and can maintain throughout the event.

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Final Touches

Once you’ve chosen your hairstyle, don’t forget the finishing touches. Consider a hairspray or styling product to hold your hair in place throughout the day. You can also add a small accessory like a boutonniere clip to personalise your look. 

By following these tips and exploring the options above, you can find the perfect wedding hairstyle to complete your look and ensure you feel confident and stylish on your special day. So go forth, grooms, and rock your wedding day with a hairstyle that reflects your personality and sets the stage for a lifetime of love and happiness!


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