From the clean-cut professionalism of a classic crew cut to the edgy style of a faded undercut, short hairstyles for men offer endless versatility for self-expression and on-trend fashion. As classic and contemporary cuts continue to evolve, short styles remain a staple for guys wanting low-maintenance, stylish locks.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most popular short hairstyle ideas for men this year and what makes them such strong choices in 2024. 

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11 short hairstyle ideas for men

The classic crew cut

hairstyle ideas for men

The Boardroom Buzzcut Returns!

The iconic crew cut is making a big comeback in 2024, incorporated into formal and casual looks. Traditionally a practical style for athletes and the military, the crew cut has short-trimmed sides and back with a rounded top for a clean, uniform appearance.

For dudes wanting an easygoing day-to-day look, the crew cut checks all the boxes – not too long, yet not too short. The revived crew cut works for all face shapes and can be styled slick with pomade or textured with wax.

The modern buzz cut

Buzzin’ With Bold Style!

Craving an edgy, rebellious style this year? The buzz cut boldly says, “I don’t care”, with its super short all-over look. Though a military staple, the buzz cut now channels a tough, hyper-masculine image embraced by stylish men.

So why’s the buzz cut so hip? Firstly, it needs virtually no maintenance compared to longer cuts – ideal for busy guys. It also draws attention to a killer bone structure by eliminating distractions. Chiseled jaw? Piercing eyes? The buzz cut puts them centre stage.

The textured crop

hairstyle ideas for men

Cropping Up In Popularity!

Textured crops give classic shortcuts a modern makeover with trimmed sides, cropped backs, and textured tops with extra height and movement.

Textured crops complement casual wear perfectly. Their versatility explains the textured crop’s popularity in 2024 as an option for every dude’s style.

The side part fade

The Classic Side Part Goes Rogue!

What happens when timeless style meets edgy modern? The side part fades! One of 2024’s most popular cuts, side parts work with all face shapes, cut straight or angled. Use light pomade or wax when styling to define the part line while keeping texture up top.

Though side parts suit crew cuts and crops, pairing one with a fade takes it up a notch. Try this updated spin on an old-school classic for a refined yet rebellious swagger.

The high and tight

hairstyle ideas for men

Military Fashion Heats Up!

Once exclusive to the troops, the high and tight with its ultrashort sides and slightly longer top now defines the masculine edge. 

Rugged good looks and an adventurous spirit explain its popularity outside bases in 2024. Variations like the high skin fade add a stylish flair. No daily styling is needed for active guys wanting a great look.

The slicked-back undercut

Slick Undercuts In Demand!

Once an underground European trend, undercuts now claim mainstream popularity as a seriously bold cut for 2024. Featuring short, clipped sides and back with longer hair on top, undercuts draw eyes up for creative styling – from messy texture to sleek sophistication.

Modern disconnected undercuts take it further by shaving the sides for an “incomplete” look. Undercuts project hipster vibes with graphic tees and bomber jackets, yet suit up nicely for formalwear.

The faux hawk fade

Faux Hawk Fever Spikes!

Yearning for an eye-catching cut this year? Peep the faux hawk fade. Longer hair styled upwards into a faux mohawk turns heads while celebrating originality.

Why so hot in 2024? In a word, showmanship. Paired with edgy gear, faux hawks ooze confidence for extroverts. Try a curly faux hawk for extra volume and height. Faux hawk fades also complement shaved designs, funky colours and braids for maximum impact. However you rock it, the faux hawk fade delivers.

The Ivy League cut

Prep Turns Punk!

The Ivy League or Princeton cut puts a polished spin on shortcuts with slightly longer, neatly tapered sides and back. For a dapper style with an intriguing edge, the updated Ivy League cut scores big.

Use quality pomades and waxes to create height and texture up top, with precise side parts or zig-zagging shapes. From campus to the office, the revived Ivy League cut brings versatile flair to short styles in 2024.

The Caesar cut

Channeling Ancient Attitude!

Inspired by Julius Caesar’s flowing locks, the Caesar cut features a short, blunt fringe across the forehead and closely cropped sides – an eye-catching study in contrasts.

The crisp Caesar cut stays popular year after year for its dashing style and fuss-free maintenance – ideal for gents on the move. The signature fringe elegantly flatters rounder faces by adding strong lines. From the boardroom to backyard barbeques, the iconic Caesar offers timeless sophistication.

The French crop

Ooh La La- The French Crop!

Blending classic crew cut elements, the French crop features short sides and back with longer fringe styled forward for European flair. This chic look beautifully frames eyes and facial features.

Oval faces suit longer fringes, while square faces benefit from textured crops – ideal for low-key sophistication. Still très chic, the French crop continues evolving through inspired variations. C’est magnifique!

The spiky hair look

Spiky Style Grabs Attention!

From perfectly placed spikes to artfully messy textures, spiky cuts make a bold impact while enabling self-expression.

What makes them so big in 2024? Firstly, their uniqueness and high visual impact. Like faux hawks, spiked hair sets you apart with an edgy vibe. This also promotes original styling, from chaotic to carefully constructed spikes.

Pair spikes with distressed threads and leather for weekends, or tone it down with business casual for work. However you rock your spikes in 2024, this eye-catching look provokes a reaction!

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As we’ve seen 11 short hairstyle ideas for men, it is proven that they will continue to evolve in 2024 through inspired variations on old and new cuts. From updated classics like the Ivy League cut to edgy newcomers like the textured crop, options abound for personal self-expression and on-trend style.

The result is a runway, red carpet-worthy style accessible to all. So whether you seek an executive polish or some urban edge, embrace short hair in 2024 to amplify your best features. With some inspiration and great stylists, you’re sure to create a look that celebrates your personal brand of style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1). How to style men’s hair short?

To style short hair, start with clean, damp hair and apply a small amount of styling product like wax or cream. Use your fingers to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair, then use a comb or your fingers to style it into your desired look, whether that’s slicked back, side-swept, or spiked up. Make sure to blow dry or air dry your hair into place for the best hold.

2). Is short hair in for 2024?

Many experts predict that short hairstyles will remain popular for men throughout 2024, as short and easy-to-manage cuts have been a top trend for several years now. While fashion is always evolving, short styles allow for versatility, whether dressing up or down and work well for both young professionals and older gentlemen, ensuring that trim cuts will continue to be a safe choice for most men in the new year.

3). Which cutting is best for short hair?

For short hair, a clipper cut with a size 1-4 guard is usually the best option as it provides precision and ensures hair is cut evenly all over. Using clippers on multiple-size settings can create different lengths around the head for texture and style. For a cleaner look, bringing in the clippers with the grain and then against the grain will result in a very close, neat cut that is ideal for short hair.

4). How do I know if I’ll look good with short hair?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding if short hair will suit you. Examine your face shape and hairline. Round or square faces typically look best with shorter styles, while longer hair can balance longer faces. Consider your hair type as well. Thick or coarse hair usually styles well short. Asking your barber or stylist for advice can help determine if your features complement a short haircut.

5). How to curl short hair?

To curl short hair, start with clean, dry hair and section it off. Then, take small sub-sections and wrap them around a curling iron or curling wand that is about 1 inch in diameter. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls will be. Hold each section for 10-15 seconds, then release and run your fingers through the curls to soften them. Finish by spraying with a light-hold hairspray to keep the curls intact.