Cheap & Best Salon has emerged as one of the leading salon franchise brands in Chennai over the past few years. With its focus on quality services, training, and business support, it has managed to stand out from other salon chains in the city. 

This blog will explore why Cheap & Best Salon is the best salon franchise in Chennai and is an opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter Chennai’s thriving beauty industry. Let’s get started.

12 Reasons why Cheap & Best is the best salon franchise in Chennai

#1 Commitment to Quality

Cheap & Best Salon is uncompromising regarding the quality of services provided. The salon uses only premium haircare and skincare products from renowned brands like Wella, Beardo and Godrej. These high-end products deliver visible results for customers. 

The salons are fully air-conditioned, providing a comfortable environment. The staff is also well-trained and experienced in the latest hair styling methods and trends. Customers can thus be assured of getting the best haircut and grooming services using top-quality products.

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#2 Affordable Pricing

best salon franchise in chennai

A key aspect of Cheap & Best’s business model is providing premium services and products at affordable rates. This makes the salon accessible to a wide demographic in Chennai, from college students to working professionals. 

The prices are almost 40-50% lower than other branded salons without compromising quality. This value pricing strategy brings in consistent footfalls and loyalty. As a franchisee, you can build up a large base of repeat customers.

#3 Strong Brand Image

In just 3 years, Cheap & Best has become a recognised and trusted brand across Tamil Nadu and other states. The brand is associated with good quality services, cleanliness, trained staff and premium products. 

As a franchisee, you get the advantage of joining a rapidly growing brand. You need not invest in building brand awareness. The focus can be on acquiring customers, delivering services efficiently and growing the business.

#4 Optimal Location Selection

Cheap & Best has a very scientific approach to selecting salon locations. The company evaluates metrics like population density, household income, visibility, foot traffic and competition. 

This ensures franchises are opened at sites with strong potential for revenue generation. The company helps identify and open salons in residential areas, malls, high streets and commercial complexes with good visibility and footfalls. This optimised location selection provides the perfect platform for the salon’s success.

#5 Low Investment Requirements

best salon franchise in chennai

Unlike other salon franchises, Cheap & Best has modest investment requirements. The company provides shop fitting and equipment support to set up the salon. As a result, the total capital required is relatively low. 

The investment recovers faster due to the value pricing strategy and consistent footfalls. Cheap & Best offers one of the fastest ROI among salon franchises, often within the first year of operations. This makes it very lucrative for entrepreneurs looking to start a business.

#6 Ongoing Support

Cheap & Best provides comprehensive support to franchisees throughout the contract term. The company helps with site selection, recruitment, training of staff, procuring products, promotions and standard operating procedures. Regular salon audits are conducted to maintain quality benchmarks. 

The marketing team undertakes local promotions to drive footfall. Performance is monitored, and enhancements are suggested. There is also guidance provided on new services, trends and best practices. This complete handholding ensures the salon’s success.

#7 Pan-India Presence

Even though Cheap & Best started in Tamil Nadu, the brand has expanded across India. Over 150 franchise outlets exist in states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana and Pondicherry. 

The company plans to have a pan-India presence with 500+ outlets in 5 years. As a franchisee, you gain from being part of a growing national brand. You can also benefit from the marketing and promotions done by the company across regions.

#8 Range of Grooming Services

Cheap & Best offers a wide range of grooming services beyond haircutting and styling. These include facials, clean-ups, beard trimming, hair spas, head massage, pedicure, manicure and more. Specialised skin and hair treatments are also provided using premium natural products. 

This extensive range of services caters to the complete grooming needs of both men and women. Customers have access to good quality grooming services across categories at affordable rates.

#9 Continuous Training Programs

Regular training and upskilling of staff is a key focus area. Cheap & Best frequently conducts training programs for salon staff on the latest hair styling trends, techniques, customer service, products and equipment. Experts are brought in to share industry best practices and global trends. Staff are encouraged to attend seminars and workshops. 

These regular investments in training ensure customers get service from highly skilled staff updated on the latest techniques and trends. This contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

#10 Technology Integration

From online booking to digital payments, Cheap & Best has integrated technology. Customers can conveniently book appointments through the website, app and other platforms. Digital payments make checkouts faster. 

Data analytics provides insights into customer preferences and salon performance. The salon also has modern equipment like hot towel cabinets, sterilisers, branded hair dryers and more. Technology integration thus brings convenience and a modern experience to customers.

#11 Strong Growth Potential

The men’s grooming segment is one of the fastest-growing consumer segments in India. With rising disposable incomes, the demand for salon services is increasing exponentially. Cheap & Best is ideally positioned to tap into this demand with its value pricing, brand image and pan-India presence. 

As a franchisee, you can benefit from the segment growth, brand strength and first-mover advantage of Cheap & Best in many markets. This provides strong potential for salon growth and profitability.

#12 Passion for the Beauty Industry

Behind Cheap & Best’s success is a team passionate about the beauty and wellness industry. The founders have hands-on experience in successfully running salons. The management team comprises salon operations, marketing, finance and HR experts. 

Their experience, network and passion to deliver affordable services is a key asset for franchisees. They provide end-to-end support for the salon’s profitable functioning.

Begin your entrepreneurial journey with Cheap & Best Salon

Looking to start your own business in the thriving salon industry? Begin your entrepreneurial journey with Cheap & Best Salon, the leading salon franchise in India. With low investment requirements, a proven business model, and comprehensive support, Cheap & Best offers the ideal platform to open your own successful salon. 

Leverage the brand value and vast industry expertise of Cheap & Best to establish a profitable salon business. Their training programs and operational processes will set you up for success. Join hundreds of salon entrepreneurs powered by Cheap & Best. Start your entrepreneurial journey now and open an affordable salon loved by customers!


For aspiring entrepreneurs, Cheap & Best offers a low-risk, high-return business opportunity. It is the best salon franchise in Chennai due to its affordable investment model, proven systems, and brand reputation, making it a safe yet highly lucrative investment. As a franchisee, you can leverage a pioneering salon chain’s brand value, industry expertise and processes. 

Given the brand’s consistent growth, now is an ideal time to come on board the Cheap & Best franchise journey. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1). How much does a franchise for a salon cost in Chennai?

The average cost of a salon franchise in Chennai ranges from 15 to 40 lakhs. This cost covers the initial franchise fee and setting up the salon infrastructure, such as rent, interiors, equipment and inventory. Larger salon franchises in prime locations of Chennai may have higher franchise costs.

2). Is a salon franchise profitable?

A salon franchise can be a profitable business venture if properly managed. While the initial investment in a salon franchise is sizable, establishing operations under an established brand name helps boost clientele and revenue. Provided the franchisee maintains high service quality standards and utilises marketing strategies effectively, salon franchises generally see good returns to make the upfront costs worthwhile within 2-3 years of operations.

3). Is Cheap & Best franchise a good investment?

Cheap & Best Salon franchise is a good investment opportunity as it allows aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the thriving salon industry with lower risks. As a franchisee, you can leverage the established brand reputation, operational expertise and marketing support of Cheap & Best to set up a profitable salon business with modest investment requirements and strong growth potential.

4). What perks does Cheap & Best Salon provide to open its franchise?

Cheap & Best Salon provides several perks to open its franchise, such as comprehensive training and support for franchisees to set up and run their salon successfully. It assists with site selection, staff recruitment, and procurement of products and offers ongoing mentorship. Franchisees Through Cheap & Best’s established brand value also attract more customers and ensure higher revenues.