Attention, wavy-haired gentlemen! Embrace your natural texture and bid farewell to the constant battle with straighteners. This blog is dedicated to celebrating the versatility of wavy hair and guiding you towards the ultimate style that complements your unique waves. We’ll explore 11 fantastic haircuts tailored for short, medium, and long wavy hair, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every personality and hair aspiration. 

From laid-back beachy waves to sophisticated, structured styles, we’ll help you navigate the world of wavy haircuts and discover the ideal look that enhances your natural curls. Get ready to transform your grooming routine as we unlock the secrets to achieving effortless, head-turning hairstyles for wavy-haired men. Embrace the journey and revel in the endless styling possibilities that await!

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Deep Dive: Unleashing Your Wavy Mane with the Perfect Cut

best cuts for wavy hair men

So you’ve got wavy hair, and you’re ready to rock it!  This section will take a deeper look at the cuts mentioned earlier, giving you a clear picture of what each style entails and how to style it for maximum impact.

Short Wavy Hair Cuts

1. Wavy Mohawk 

This bold and edgy cut is perfect for guys who want to make a statement.  The sides are faded to a very short length, typically a #2 or shorter, creating a stark contrast with the longer strip of hair left on top.  This centre strip can vary in length, but it should be long enough to showcase your waves.  Styling options are plentiful. You can spike it up for a punk vibe, let it flow down naturally for a more relaxed look, or even braid it for a touch of personality.  Keep in mind: This style requires regular trims to maintain the sharp lines on the sides.

2. Wavy French Crop

This trendy cut offers a clean and modern look. The sides and back are cut short and neat, similar to a buzz cut, but can also be faded for a more subtle transition.  The top is left longer, allowing your natural waves to add texture and volume.  You can style the top with a messy, textured look or brush it back for a more polished appearance.  Styling tip: Use a lightweight product like a hair cream to define your waves without weighing them down.

3. Short Undercut with Waves

A timeless classic, this cut offers versatility and ease of maintenance.  The sides are cut short and clean, typically faded down to a low or mid-level.  The top is left longer, usually a few inches, to showcase your natural wave pattern. 

This cut allows for a variety of styling options. You can wear it messy and tousled for a casual look or style it with a side part for a more polished vibe.  Styling tip: Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to enhance your waves and add volume.

Medium Wavy Hair Cuts

1. Korean Wavy Center Part

This popular style from South Korea is perfect for guys who want to show off their flow.  The hair is cut to a medium length, typically reaching the shoulders or just below.  A centre part is created, allowing the waves to cascade down both sides of the face. 

This style works best with looser, S-shaped waves.  Styling tip: Apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair and comb through to evenly distribute the product.  Let your hair air dry for a natural look.

2. Korean Wavy Bowl Cut

This modern take on a classic cut is both stylish and versatile.  The sides are cut short and textured, adding a touch of edge.  The top is left slightly longer and rounded, creating a bowl-like shape that flatters most face shapes. 

This cut works well with all types of waves, from loose to tight.  Styling tip: Use matte clay to add texture and definition to your waves.  Scrunch the product through your hair to create a messy, effortless look.

3. Wavy Undercut with Fade

This versatile cut combines the clean lines of an undercut with the texture and movement of wavy hair.  The sides are faded from a longer length near the top to a shorter length at the bottom, creating a smooth transition. 

The top is left longer, allowing your waves to flow freely.  This cut can be styled in a variety of ways, depending on the occasion.  Styling tip: Use a sea salt spray to enhance your natural wave pattern and add a touch of beachy texture.

Long Wavy Hair Cuts

Wavy Mullet

The mullet is making a comeback, and it looks surprisingly good with wavy hair!  This cut features short hair on the sides and back, with a longer section of hair left in the back.  The key to pulling off the wavy mullet is to ensure the waves blend seamlessly from the shorter sides to the longer back section.  Styling tip: Let your hair air dry for a natural, lived-in look.  You can also braid the back section for a unique twist.

Top Knot with Waves

This hairstyle is perfect for g

uys who want to keep their hair out of their faces while still showing off their waves.  The hair is grown out long enough to be tied up in a top knot, with the sides faded or undercut for a clean look.  This style is both practical and stylish.  Styling tip: Use a hair tie to secure your top knot in place.  For a looser look, leave a few strands hanging loose around the face.

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Shaggy Waves

Effortlessly cool and low-maintenance, the shaggy wave cut is a great option for guys with naturally wavy hair.  This cut features long layers that add volume and definition to your waves. The layers start shorter at the crown and gradually get longer towards the ends. This creates a textured, lived-in look that’s perfect for guys who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair.

Styling tip

After showering, towel dry your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner formulated for wavy hair.  Scrunch the product gently into your hair to distribute it evenly.  Let your hair air dry completely. Once dry, you can use a texturising spray to add a bit more definition to your waves and create a beachy texture.

Getting the Most Out of Your Wavy Cut

No matter which cut you choose, here are some tips to maximise your wavy hair potential:

  • Embrace the right products: Use a leave-in conditioner or wave cream to define your waves and combat frizz.
  • Diffusing is your friend: Skip the heat styling whenever possible. Diffusing your hair on low heat helps enhance your waves without damage.
  • Scrunch it out: After diffusing or air-drying, gently scrunch your hair to break up any gel cast and create a more natural look.

With the right cut and a little TLC, your wavy hair can become your signature style.  So, ditch the straightener, celebrate your texture, and get ready to turn heads with your awesome waves!

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Men with wavy hair have a plethora of stylish haircut options to choose from. Whether you prefer a textured crop, layered cut, or a classic side part, there’s a haircut that will complement your wavy locks and enhance your overall look.

It’s important to consider your hair’s thickness, face shape, and personal style when selecting a cut. Regular maintenance, including trims and proper hair care, will keep your waves looking their best. Embrace your natural texture and experiment with different styles to find the perfect wavy haircut that suits you.


  1. What are the best haircuts for men with wavy hair?

For men with wavy hair, popular choices include the textured crop, layered cut, undercut with wavy top, side part, and the classic messy wavy look.

  1. How do I style wavy hair to enhance its natural texture?

To enhance your wavy hair’s natural texture, use a lightweight styling product like a mousse or sea salt spray. Scrunch your hair while it’s damp and let it air dry, or use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer for added volume.

  1. Can wavy hair be styled into a slick back look?

Yes, wavy hair can be styled into a slick back look. Use a strong-hold pomade or gel to keep your waves in place. Comb your hair back while it’s wet, then allow it to dry naturally or use a blow dryer for a sleek finish.

  1. What’s the best way to maintain a wavy haircut?

To maintain a wavy haircut, get regular trims every 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair hydrated, and consider using a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to keep your waves defined.

  1. Are there any haircuts that work particularly well for thick, wavy hair?

For thick, wavy hair, a layered cut or a textured crop can help reduce bulk and add movement. An undercut or fade on the sides can also balance out the volume and make your wavy top stand out.