As the beard trend has always been volatile, one needs to switch our looks, keeping ourselves in line with the current trends. Beard gives completeness to the face and can depict the character and has always been a go-to idea when you want to groom yourself effectively. 

This blog lists 11 amazing beard styles for men that come with the trend. Starting from a long faded- beard, suitable for people with a dense beard, to the stubble that suits one with lesser volume. Beard was never about the volume of hair or length; it is always how we groom it, and the answer is Cheap and the best salon in Chennai.

Journey into the World of Beards – Amazing beard styles for men

amazing beard styles for men

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Let us unravel 11 Cool and Amazing beard styles for Men.

Faded Long Beard

A long fading beard is a fashionable, elegant appearance that calls for particular upkeep methods. Start by growing your beard to a good length to get this look. Then, to achieve a fading appearance, use a beard trimmer with various length settings. Beard length should gradually go shorter from the bottom up, merging into the shorter hair on the sides and cheeks.

It takes routine care to keep the long, fading beard appearing crisp. To maintain a neat and polished appearance, trim stray hairs and keep them at the proper length. Use beard oil or balm as well to maintain the beard silky, moisturised, and itchy-free.


amazing beard styles for men

The goatee, a classic and versatile beard style, exudes confidence and sophistication. Keeping the goatee well-trimmed and shaped is crucial to maintain its distinct look. Regular trimming is essential to ensure a uniform length and prevent the beard from appearing unkempt. You can achieve a polished appearance that enhances your overall style through proper grooming.

Proper maintenance of duck feathers includes regular cleaning and moisturising. By promoting healthy growth, you can ensure that your ducklings will be the best they can be. Defining the edges of the goat is important to keep it looking sharp. Create clean and symmetrical lines by applying your beard evenly to your razor or trimmer. Regularly checking and adjusting the length will help you maintain a well-groomed, sophisticated belt matching your overall look.


amazing beard styles for men

Stubble is a popular beard with a strong, clean and comfortable look. Regular trimming is essential for a well-groomed butterfly beard. Use trimmers or clippers with guards to achieve consistent length throughout the beard. Preparation helps create a neat and uniform litter. 

Regularly trim your hair around your nose, neck and beard area to ensure clean hair. This helps define the follicle and gives it a polished look, this is the best style if you feel you have a big or small beard. To avoid drying out, moisturising is necessary to keep the beard and skin in shape.

Vow Beard

If you want always to be eye-catching, this is the best beard style for you. The interstitial beard is a unique style of attention-grabbing that requires careful grooming of the moustache and beard. 

Having these parts of facial hair is important to get a distinctive beard. Start by keeping your beard neat and tidy on a regular basis. Use small, sharp scissors to trim stray hair and carefully keep it neat. For a spiky beard, trim it regularly to maintain the desired length and shape. 

Use a razor blade or scissors to achieve the desired look, ensuring a well-defined and lined brow matches your face. Beard oils and balms will give better handling and a better shine. Promise beards can be really unique and reflect your style wonderfully.

Anchor Beard

amazing beard styles for men

The anchor beard is a stylish and eye-catching beard style. Anchor beard demands specific grooming techniques to achieve its unique shape. To maintain an anchor beard, start by trimming the facial hair around the chin and jawline into a distinct anchor shape. Carefully sculpt the beard to create clean and defined lines that resemble the form of an anchor.

Trimming the edges with a trimmer or razor will help keep them in the desired length and shape. Pay close attention to details and ensure the container’s shape stays intact. You can achieve and maintain a sharp, well-groomed beard that adds chain and individuality to your overall look.


The Balbo beard is a popular, elegant style known for its well-defined and well-groomed style. Although Balbo resembles an anchor beard, it has a unique approach to maintenance and care. Styling the beard in a curly shape and carefully styling your facial hair down to your nose will give you the look you want. 

Balbo prioritised daily cleaning, moisturising and trimming to maintain polish in his quest for the beard. Shaving makes it easier to remove wrinkles and improves your appearance. Keeping your lips smooth is important for a pointy beard. Use a comb or clipper to check and remove stray hairs, ensuring the strands are clean and even.

Circle Beard

Carefully curl your hair in front of you into a very unique curl. Create a wonderful well-defined circle with perfect symmetry and interest in the element. This will create stunning facial hair with coloured edges. A curly beard is a delicate beard that requires quick restyling to keep it sharp. 

Regular cleaning and moisturising results in a healthy, well-maintained round beard. Maintaining a smooth sharp edge is important for a stunning round beard. Assume the shape of the moustache or moustache, keeping the overall length of the moustache the same.


If you want to look aggressive, the Garibaldi beard is the answer. The Garibaldi beard is a full, thick beard that remains healthy and naturally appealing. It will make you stand out by growing your facial hair naturally without being overly processed. However, it is most important to keep the Garibaldi beard well-groomed. 

Wash and condition your beard regularly to keep it healthy and prevent it from sticking. Rinse your facial hair with a beard-specific cleanser and a conditioner to make it soft and manageable. Regular shaving helps loosen any strands and keeps the beard intact. It’s also important to avoid overthinking to keep yourself a little wild but under control.

Mutton Chops

If you’re a Wolverine fan, that beard costume is a must. Mutton chops are an ambitious beard style that requires special grooming for the look of the colours. Keeping Guannam in vogue is essential to a well-defined cut. 

Use a razor or trimmer to make lamb chops smooth and nicely defined. Pay close attention to details, and carefully eat the edges for a dramatic look. You can maintain consistent timing at some point in the chops to create a uniform and unified approach.

Handlebar Moustache

Handlebar beards are the godfather of all types of beards, a sophisticated lifestyle and style that requires careful grooming and styling. Get the beard right to create a permanent fingerprint. Regularly trim and trim your beard to keep it neat and well-maintained. 

Use a small amount of beard wax to create a distinctive sleeve. Using your hands or a special razor, curl the ends of your beard upward, shaping it into a neat curl. Apply a dab of wax to keep the curls close and hold their shape for part of the day.

Five O’Clock Shadow

Opt for the timeless Five O’clock beard style for a refreshing and pleasant appearance. To maintain the coveted five o’clock shadow, ensure regular facial hair trimming to achieve a short, stubble length. Utilise a trimmer with a short guard setting to achieve the desired length seamlessly. 

Maintain clean and well-defined edges for a polished look. Also, exfoliate the skin underneath the stubble to prevent irritation or ingrown hairs. Following these steps, you can effortlessly rock the attractive, low-maintenance Five O’clock beard style.

Style it from the Best

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No matter the season, beards are always in style. One of the most significant aspects of hair and beard grooming is the ability to experiment and try different styles that suit your taste. Trust the expertise of the renowned salon, ‘Cheap and Best’ in Chennai, for your grooming needs.

This blog presents a compilation of eleven fantastic beard styles for men, offering you various options to explore and choose from. Embrace the opportunity to transform your look and find the perfect beard style that reflects your unique personality and style preferences.


1. What are the essential Beard grooming tools for men?

Some essential beard grooming tools include a beard trimmer, comb, scissors, beard oil, beard balm, and a boar bristle brush.

2. What is a suitable beard for summer?

Shorter styles like stubble or a trimmed beard are suitable for summer to stay cool and reduce sweat accumulation.

3. How to take care of your beard?

Wash and condition regularly, moisturise with beard oil, trim and shape, and avoid over-washing or excessive heat styling.